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The Packaging Revolution - First period

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The Packaging Revolution
First period : the emergence of new solutions

Author : Fabrice Peltier

Prefaces : Brice Lalonde and Brune Poirson

114 pages - More than 300 photos
Cardboard cover, spiral binding

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Publication Jun 2021

The Packaging Revolution


Here we are and with several "R's".

Regulatory Revolution for all sectors producing and using packaging;

Revolution in packaging design to further Reduce the amount of materials used;

Revolution in the origin of Resources used to produce packaging materials;

Revolution to ensure the Recycling of all types of packaging on the market;

Revolution to Re-integrate in closed loop more and more Recycled materials;

Revolution to guarantee a reasonable Return to the Earth of non-recyclable biodegradable packaging;

Revolution to make packaging Re-usable without generating collateral environmental impacts...


In short, a Revolution to Re-invent packaging more Respectful of our common good: the environment.

In this first period of the packaging revolution, I am proposing to observe without bias the emerging trends in the main families of packaging materials. You will see that a wide range of solutions are emerging. Each has advantages, but also disadvantages. Some packaging is already on the market, other is in the industrialization phase, or, for the most "breakthrough”, still in the prototype stage...

Through this book, I invite you to discover an inventory of packaging, the trends as well as the innovative and prospective tracks that I have detected to re-invent the packaging of 2040.

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